The future of sustainable packaging

Belvac has developed a 100% recyclable aluminium bottle with an integrated carrier ring.

With Belvac’s Carrier Ring technology, brands can now easily transition from filling PET to aluminium D&I bottles while lowering transition costs, exceeding corporate sustainability goals and increasing brand loyalty among consumers.

Belvac, a leader in the designing and manufacturing of container-making machinery for the aluminium container industry, has introduced a groundbreaking solution for beverage brands looking to transition to aluminium packaging while reducing infrastructure waste. The new Belvac Carrier Ring Bottle features an integrated transport ring on a lightweight, 100% recyclable aluminium D&I bottle, which is a direct replacement for plastic (PET) packaging. This advancement showcases Belvac’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in response to the evolving demands of consumers and the environment.

The need to differentiate

In today’s highly competitive beverage market where products are vying for consumer attention, differentiation is crucial for brand success. Recent years have witnessed an increase in competition, driven by an abundance of products and limited shelf space in physical retail outlets, resulting in shelf-crowding. Furthermore, the rise of social media has significantly reduced barriers to entry, empowering brands to interact with consumers throughout the purchasing process, further intensifying competition.

Consumer preferences have notably shifted, especially post the global pandemic, towards healthier beverage choices. This change not only influences the types of beverages favored by consumers but also impacts packaging, labeling, and branding. Simultaneously, consumers are increasingly conscious of environmental issues, particularly regarding plastic waste pollution, leading to a notable trend favoring more sustainable packaging solutions.

A significant post-pandemic trend is the surging popularity of aluminum packaging, particularly in well-established markets. Aluminium containers have garnered favor due to their complete recyclability and durable nature, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. With high recyclability rates and the ability to facilitate unique design possibilities, aluminium packaging stands out as a prominent solution to meet the evolving preferences and demands of modern consumers.

The solution for sustainable packaging

Belvac is committed to providing environmentally responsible solutions to support the movement towards aluminium packaging. Belvac’s Carrier Ring Bottle facilitates a seamless transition from PET to aluminium packaging making it a direct PET replacement package. This bottle enables brands to lower transition costs, while exceeding their corporate sustainability goals, and enhancing consumer loyalty.

David Mammolenti, Belvac’s President, says: “Belvac recognises the importance of offering brands an eco-friendly, cost-effective container that is a direct PET replacement package. Our goal is to encourage brands to adopt aluminium cans and bottles, the most sustainable packaging option for their products, thereby helping to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans and preserving the environment for future generations. We are proud of our efforts to innovate and thrilled with the potential this container offers.”

The integrated Carrier Ring is formed through additional stages on Belvac’s Bottle Can Manufacturing System through a proprietary collapsing process. These additional bases are retrofittable onto existing Bottle Can machines to enhance their functionalities, providing can manufacturers with the opportunity to expand their packaging options and offer customers more diverse choices.

Belavc will be exhibiting their latest innovation at Booth 1009 at the Cannex & Fillex show in Guangzhou, China from 16-19 July. Interested in learning more or setting up a meeting at the show? You can contact them via email at

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