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The Metal Packager is the sustainable voice for metal packaging professionals who want to grow and evolve in an ever-changing industry.

The Metal Packager offers the ultimate resource for metal packaging professionals, combining classical news journalism, in a contemporary format. By being digitally, The Metal Packager naturally complements the successful sustainability story of metal packaging.

Our team will ensure the metal packaging industry can access all the latest industry news and features in an easily consumable format, via a contemporary website which is mobile and tablet friendly, a weekly newsletter, WhatsApp news service, desktop news service, social media channels, and the online Metal Packaging Directory.

As well as subscribers being kept informed, The Metal Packager offers numerous advertising opportunities for metal packaging companies looking to utilise the one-stop resource that is The Metal Packager portfolio.

Who benefits?

Metal packaging is an international industry. Globally, the metal packaging and coatings market was valued at almost $105.5 billion in 2018. Total value is forecast to increase at 1.6% year-on-year to 2023, pushing overall value to $114.4 billion, thanks in the main due to the increasing demand for metal packaging due to a favourable sustainability message and the environmental concerns surrounding other packaging formats.

With many professionals frequently travelling across the globe, The Metal Packager offers an easy solution to those travel demands. As the only resource covering the whole metal packaging market, The Metal Packager is your first port of call for getting the inside track.

The resource covers everything within metal packaging, including aluminium foil containers and laminates, steel packaging, tinplate packaging, metal cans, aerosols, metal caps and closures, food and beverage cans, shipping barrels and drums, metal containers, vacuum closures, metal coatings, and more besides.

Make The Metal Packager your go-to resource for everything you need if conducting business in the industry.

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