Child safe cap for THC drinks

THC drink cap lock

PakTech have released a child resistant cap designed for THC beverages.

The PakLock is made from recycled, and recyclable, plastic and is designed to allow adults to enjoy their canned THC beverages without children being able to access them.

PakLock provides a cost effective solution to Child Resistant Packaging needs that is easy to apply, fits snug on all standard 202-260 aluminium can formats, and is removable by adults—while being certified Child Resistant Packaging (CRP).

“As cannabis became more readily available in the recreational market, both in Canada and state by state in the US, we started to receive inquiries about whether we had any child-resistant or tamper-evident packaging,” said Lloyd McGriff, Director of Sales for PakTech. 

“That was when we realised we could leverage our experience from our PakTech can carriers and meet this new market need.”

Vice President and Director of Engineering Zak Borg explained: “Developing the PakLock presented unique challenges.

“Designs had to be modified significantly so they would perform uniformly in strict certification testing using a wide specification resin.

“My favourite part of the development process were the many aha moments as we studied how to make it work—several of which have given rise to new solutions to other design challenges as well.”

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