Molson Coors donate three million meals

Molson Coors

Molson Coors Beverage Company teamed up with Feeding America to donate nearly three million meals in its hometown and brewery markets.

The donation will help at a time when there is unprecedented demand for food banks’ services due to the coronavirus pandemic and the associated economic fallout.

“In 2020, we’ve seen an increase in food insecurity in all our communities,” says Michael Nordman, Molson Coors’ senior manager of community affairs. 

“Food banks are reporting higher-than-ever demand for their services. This is an opportunity to step up and help families in need in our communities.”

Molson Coors is donating meals to food banks in its 10 hometowns and brewery markets:

  • 180,000 meals to Feeding the Valley Food Bank (Albany, Ga.)
  • 750,000 meals to the Greater Chicago Food Depository
  • 48,000 meals to Agnes’ Table (Chippewa Falls, Wis.)
  • 540,000 meals to Food Bank of the Rockies (Denver/Golden, Colo.)
  • 375,000 meals to Tarrant Area Food Bank (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • 375,000 meals to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin (Milwaukee)
  • 171,000 kg of food to Moisson Montreal
  • 125,000 meals to Blue Ridge Area Food Bank (Shenandoah, Va.)
  • 65,000 meals to Daily Bread Food Bank (Toronto)
  • 240,000 meals to Shared Harvest Foodbank (Trenton, Ohio)

Food banks are seeing unprecedented demand as families are confronted with an economy brought to its knees by the coronavirus pandemic and the prospect of much-needed relief for Americans expiring at the end of the year. 

For Molson Coors, the donation was a natural extension of its commitment to communities where it has a presence.

“The needs in our communities have really increased and food security is one of the biggest issues that has come out of the pandemic,” says Nordman. “For Molson Coors, it was important to provide relief back to the communities where we work and live to meet those demands.”

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