CANarchy celebrates growth in 2020

CANarchy celebrates a positive 2020

2020 Growth was fuelled by innovation, seltzer, variety packs and digital strategy, says CANarchy.

Founded in 2015, CANarchy is a disruptive collective of like-minded brewers dedicated to bringing high-quality, innovative flavors to drinkers in the name of independent craft beer.

The portfolio of craft breweries includes Oskar Blues Brewery, Cigar City Brewing, Squatters Craft Beers, Wasatch Brewery, Deep Ellum Brewing Company, Perrin Brewing Company, Three Weavers Brewing Company and Revitalyte. In 2020, CANarchy experienced dollar growth trends that doubled that of Top 20 Vendors in retail scans; increasing total shipments by 2%. The collective provides craft beverages throughout the United States and 21 countries and US territories.

Despite encountering many unforeseen challenges and obstacles during a difficult year, the collective’s successes were driven by fresh innovation, strength in the seltzer space as a craft segment leader, variety pack victories and a robust digital strategy. These initiatives and many others boosted sales to wholesale (STW) from 480,000 barrels in 2019 to 490,000 in 2020, an increase of 10,000 barrels, or 2%. The collective also grew sales to retail (STR) at a rate greater than shipments at 5%, indicating that velocity at retail was strong.

Chris Russell, chief commercial officer, said: “While the past year presented a significant number of challenges for our business, we were able to continue to build momentum and create growth by leveraging our diversified brand portfolio that ultimately tapped into what the consumer was looking for during a tumultuous time.

“2020 was a year in which we strengthened our processes, our productive capabilities and most importantly, our key partnerships at the wholesale and retail levels.

“We believe that we are well positioned to build on this momentum in 2021 as a strong contributor to category growth through strong core brands, a robust innovation pipeline and an effective go-to-market strategy.”

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