Sensory Analytics issued broad new patent

Sensory Analytics announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued an impactful new patent, U.S. Patent No. 10928185, that further protects its proprietary product offerings

Sensory is the fast-growing supplier of highly precise and award-winning SpecMetrix® coating thickness and film layer measurement systems. 

This patent covers the methods and systems for Sensory’s exclusive ruggedised optical Interference (ROI) technologies that power all SpecMetrix coating thickness measurement systems. 

Furthermore, this latest patent solidifies and significantly expands the company’s intellectual property portfolio related to the measurement of all applied coatings onto metal and other industrial substrates.

Greg Frisby, global industry manager for SpecMetrix Systems at Sensory Analytics, said: “The addition of this broad patent extends the strength and reach of our intellectual property protection around the unique technical advantages of our SpecMetrix product lines.

“We look forward to rapidly expanding the use of our industry-leading SpecMetrix coating thickness measurement solutions within the global coated metal, flexible packaging, automotive, electronics, glass, and other industrial manufacturing markets.”

Most legacy methods for measuring coating thickness have not been effective for in-process coating use as they provide insufficient meaningful data for quality and process control improvements.

The ability to continuously monitor and adjust the thickness of applied coatings more precisely prevents poor product quality due to under-application. 

In-process measurement tools also help control coating uniformity during production to prevent over application and reduce costs. 

Built upon the company’s expanding intellectual property portfolio, SpecMetrix measurement systems can immediately address these longstanding issues and provide Sensory customers and industry partners with more accurate, objective, and real-time coating measurement data. 

With the unique ability to measure a wide variety of clear and opaque coatings and materials, SpecMetrix systems are helping manufacturing customers in over 50 countries to experience significant savings by optimising coating usage, increasing production throughput, reducing labor hours, and avoiding expensive quality claims.

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