Temple Brewing’s Chinese New Year beer

Temple Brewing

Temple Brewing are celebrating the Chinese New Year with their new 888 Mandarin Ale.

Chinese New Year is rapidly approaching and a number of companies are marking the occasion with special edition canned beers.

The 888 Mandarin Ale is the third iteration for the Australian brewer following their mandarin saison in 2019.

2021 is the year of the bull and the brewers have gone for a mandarin pale ale, like last year, but made some changes to the recipe.

“To mark this transition, we’ve taken things up a notch,” the description of the beer said on Temple’s website. “Expect stronger flavours of the mandarin fruit in this year’s 888 Pale Ale. 

“We’ve sliced and dried 70kg of whole fresh mandarins and tossed them into a whirlpool of fresh mandarin juice. Dry hopped with Eclipse, this Pale Ale will dazzle you a wealth of zesty, refreshing citrus aromas.”

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