Amfora London bring canned wine to UK market

Amfora London

Amfora London is bringing a range of canned wine to the UK market.

The wines, which come from Northern Italy and the US West Coast, include a selection of white, red, rose and sparkling options in 25cl cans.

The company will start by launching seven wines from two wineries. The wines from the US West Coast come from West + Wilder, while Scarpetta, which specialises in wines inspired by the north-eastern Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, is the producer behind the sparkling options.

From West + Wilder there is a white (12.5% abv), a Chenin Blanc (12.5% abv), rose (12.5% abv), sparkling rose (12.5% abv and a Pinot Noir (13% abv).

Scarpetta’s wines include a Frico Frizzante (10% abv) and a Frico Lambrusco (9.5% abv).

Nick Solomides, founder at Amfora London, said: “We are eager to show our commitment to bringing premium canned wines to the UK. We understand the world of wine can be intimidating and so we carefully select the independent wineries to ensure our customers can trust that we’ll provide a true taste experience. 

“Not only is wine in a can the future in terms of convenience and sustainability, for us it’s also about delivering a genuinely great tasting wine to be enjoyed and appreciated.”

Kenny Rochford, co-founder at West + Wilder said: “My co-founder Matt and I are excited to be working with Amfora London and respect the commitment the founders have shown to our core values.

“Sourcing premium product and setting up new supply chains is always a challenge, something the Amfora team have proven more than capable of in their quest to deliver UK consumers the best possible product. We are now working with the London team on some exciting new products for the UK summer.”

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