Budweiser Select set for national distribution

Budweiser Select

Budweiser Select will soon be distributed across America after only being available to some residents in St. Louis.

The full-flavoured, light lager’s national availability comes in response to a growing consumer demand for a lower calorie beer option without sacrificing the taste of a full-bodied beer. 

Budweiser Select has 99 calories per each 12-ounce serving, and features a crisp, refreshing taste you’d expect from Budweiser. 

It is also one of St. Louis’s best kept secrets, with Bud Select having a higher per item rate of sale than Budweiser in that location. 

“Budweiser Select is a staple in St. Louis, so we’re excited to bring it back to consumers across the country with a full national distribution,” said Monica Rustgi, VP of marketing at Budweiser.

“We found that Bud lovers are looking for more beer options that are lower in calories, but they don’t want to sacrifice taste when it comes to their beer. 

“Reintroducing this fan favourite is just another way we’re continuing to innovate to meet the needs of our consumer.”

Budweiser Select has 99 calories, 3.1g carbs and a 4.3% ABV. Budweiser Select is available wherever Budweiser is sold and comes in 12oz bottles in a 6-pack and 12-pack, 12 oz cans in a 12-pack, 24-pack and 30 pack. 

For more information on Budweiser Select, visit the Anheuser-Busch website.

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