Canned beer subscription service in South Korea

canned beer subscription CU

South Korean convenience store chain CU is launching a canned beer subscription service aimed at people drinking at home.

The firm behind the chain, BGF Retail, has teamed up with beer subscription app Dailyshot so users can get three cans of beer from nearby stores for 6,900 won ($6.10) per month.

Dailyshot is a South Korean startup that introduced the country’s first premium alcohol membership service.

BGF Retail also claim it is the first such service in the convenience store industry in the country.

There are 14,923 CU outlets across the country and users can choose the beer they want from the Dailyshot app and pick it up in store.

The target market for the beer subscription service is those in their 20s and 30s with 70% of Dailyshot users aged 20 to 35.

“The peak season for beer is approaching, and we came to collaborate with an online platform the MZ generation enjoys using, and offer various products at reasonable prices,” a CU official said in a press release.

CU also said that it has seen a growth in alcohol sales as more people drink at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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