Canned wine brand Bev team up with Gallo


Bev and E. & J. Gallo Winery (Gallo) announced that the two companies have partnered together to help bring Bev and their mission to more consumers across the U.S. 

Effective March 1, 2021, Gallo will become the U.S. distributor for Bev’s portfolio of premium canned wines. 

The first ever TTB-approved “zero sugar” canned wine on the market, Bev wines are only three carbs, 100 calories per serving, 11.9% ABV, and are all gluten free.

Founded by Alix Peabody in Venice, California, Bev is a woman-led beverage brand promoting empowerment and inclusivity in beverage and beyond. 

Their mission is to “Do it different, do it better. Break the glass.”

“I founded Bev out of a passion for changing not only the drinks in our hands, but the culture surrounding drinking,” said Alix, Bev’s CEO. 

“For us, breaking the glass is about empowering communities and inspiring people to celebrate themselves and own their fun. 

“When I met Stephanie Gallo, it became immediately clear that Gallo’s values and commitment to women and diversity in the industry is exemplary of the exact change we aim to create. 

“We could not be more excited for this partnership and can’t wait to expand the reach of our products and our community.”

“After meeting Alix, I knew we had to find a way to work together,” said Stephanie, Gallo’s CMO. “At Gallo, we are on a mission to win new friends to wine, which means ensuring consumers have access to products that understand them and make them feel welcome. 

“As an industry we must adapt and evolve in order to remain relevant to the next generation of alcohol beverage consumers. Alix and the Bev portfolio are paving the way and doing just that.”

The portfolio Gallo will distribute includes Bev Rosé, Bev Blanc, Bev Gris, Bev Noir and their most recently launched sparkling white wine, Bev Glitz. 

All varietals are from California and are available in 4-packs of 250ml cans and retail between $14.99 and $16.99.

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