Lindal pioneers online 3D Aerosol Configurator


Lindal has launched a new packaging design tool to create 3D aerosol packaging.

The new 3D Aerosol Configurator is hosted exclusively on the company’s website where customers can gain access to a suite of sophisticated editing and design tools to instantly and easily create 3D aerosol packaging.

The tool allows customers to select any of Lindal’s standard actuators and overcaps with the most commonly used aerosol cans. Different materials, diameters, heights and shoulder types can be selected to build over 5,000 unique aerosol packaging designs.

The configurator offers Research & Development, packaging and marketing teams the unique opportunity to visualise full aerosol packaging at the very early stages of the design process by easily 3D-modelling potential packaging options. Each 3D model is fully colour customisable enabling customers’ to apply their specific artwork and branding and to the can in order to unleash further creativity and rapidly visualise the final look of the pack.

Crucially, the configurator removes the complex design practices involved in modelling new packaging, meaning customers can quickly edit designs, saving both time and money as the involvement of marketing and design agencies is reduced.

Kashif Choudhry, Lindal group marketing manager said “Conventional product design and approval procedures are often long-winded and restrict customers’ design options. Our concept streamlines creative processes, releases valuable time and ultimately supports an improved time to market for products.”

Lindal’s customers will now be able to effectively identify the best actuator options for their future aerosols and contact their sales representative directly through the online platform to discuss projects in more detail and request samples.

The 3D Aerosol Configurator has been beta tested by a group of customers including Maxim, Swallowfield and Cosmosol. Their feedback has been instrumental to address key market requirements for such an innovative tool.

In the future, the platform will also offer a secure and confidential access area for customers to visualise their bespoke actuators, including those in the early stages of development. This ability to envisage packaging instantly when new designs are created will significantly reduce the feedback process between Lindal and its customers in this very critical phase and help bring products to the market quicker.

Kashif Choudhry said: “We decided to create our own online configurator and not use standard available platforms for two key reasons: Firstly, so we can fully tailor the configurator to the needs of our customers and most importantly, to allow a fully secure platform where confidential designs are stored on LINDAL’s server and not third-party servers.”

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