Princes Group install new canning line

Princes Group

Princes Group has installed a new flexible canning line for ready meals at its Long Sutton site in Lincolnshire that will increase capacity by 10%.

It is part of an £80m investment by the company to future-proof the facility and the new canning line is capable of filling up to three million cans per week. 

The line is able to pack cans in three different sizes, using four different types of filler – providing enhanced control over ingredient additions, according to New Food Magazine.

Product trials are now underway, with the new line expected to be fully operational this month.  

“We are delighted to be at this exciting stage of our £80m investment programme at Long Sutton, with joint commissioning of a new canning line, hydrostat cooker and ingredients processing kitchen now underway,” said Ruth Simpson, Group Director of Foods and Marketing at Princes.

“Through increasing efficiencies and boosting production, this development programme is a crucial part of our ongoing efforts to future-proof the site and provide high quality employment opportunities in the area for years to come.

“Thanks to the hard work of our incredible team at Long Sutton, we have overcome various obstacles due to COVID-19 – doing all we can to meet increased customer and consumer demand for our products, while progressing construction work on-site. Despite these challenges, we remain on track and we’re looking forward to reaching the final milestones in this important project over the next few months.”

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