Wine debuts in aluminium bottles

Aluminium wine bottles

Revelshine wine has released its new range of wine bottle in aluminium bottles by CCL Container.

The brainchild of fourth-generation winemaker and outdoor enthusiast, Jake Bilbro, Revelshine Wines are positioned as the solution to taking “wine where glass simply can’t go.” The answer comes in the form of a recyclable aluminium beverage bottle produced by CCL Container. The 59mm diameter bottle stands 252mm high and holds 16.9 ounces of wine, enough for approximately three servings.

The design uses accent colours to signify the red, rose, and white varieties which are sold individually or in a grouping of three. Minimalist graphics allow the brushed aluminium surface to “shine” through, as product positioning emphasises the aluminium package’s inherent attributes: lightweight, recyclable, and durable for the outdoor wine enthusiast.

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