Unimer choose Trivium for Titus seafood cans


Moroccan seafood canner Unimer Group has accelerated its export drive with a range of aluminium “club” cans produced by Trivium Packaging.

Unimer worked closely with Trivium to spearhead the growth of its Titus brand of sardines and anchovies in markets worldwide.

Adding to its traditional red and black steel cans, familiar to consumers primarily in Africa and Asia, Titus has now launched a colourful range of aluminium cans aimed initially at the growing French and Belgian markets. 

Sharper printing onto the aluminium substrate creates a more premium product with shelf standout packaging.

The can’s appeal is further enhanced with the inclusion of Flextab, a new pull ring opening system located on the lid’s corner developed by Trivium for easier, faster and more convenient opening

“Working closely with Trivium is a very positive move in reaching our ambitious goal of establishing Titus as one of the leading brands in the growing worldwide canned seafood market,” says Unimer’s Jalil Benwahhoud, General Manager. 

He added: “Together we have created a modern, more appealing and shelf stand out family of products aimed at a wider section of consumers.”

The 100% recyclable cans are produced at Trivium’s plant in Pontevedra, Spain.

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