New app for can manufacturing monitoring

A new manufacturing operations app has been developed by Acumence. Acumence by Flexware is designed explicitly for high-speed processes and can help manufacturers achieve operational excellence by detecting, analysing, and eliminating production losses.

The new Acumence mobile app extends the ability of management, engineers, and production supervisors to track and make critical decisions about their shop floor operations from anywhere using their smart phone or tablet.

Acumence’s version 6 upgrade will include the release of a new Mobile Client, allowing managers on the go to have instant access to the latest plant operating status.

“The Mobile Client will provide the users of Acumence a window into their plant operations from anywhere. This is a game-changer for the industry,” says Steve Klabak, Product Manager of Acumence.

The Acumence Mobile Client app enables operators, supervisors, and plant managers to stay connected to their enterprise remotely. The app displays current alert notifications and alerts include possible reasons why the data is trending. The highest priority alerts appear at the top of the page, colour-coded.

“Acumence’s Mobile Client provides actionable information in real-time views and historical metrics to production supervisors, engineers, and management,” said Scott Whitlock, President of Flexware Innovation. “We are proud of our team’s efforts to bring operational excellence to our clients.”

Other features of the app include:

Real-time data tracking for machines and production areas is one-way manufacturers are allowing more data-driven operations. The Mobile Client allows users to access up-to-the-second data on machine performance and production from anywhere. With a touch of the screen, users can drill down into each production area including key bodymakers, trimmers, and decorators machines. The data displayed per area may include:

  • Production speed
  • Discharge monitoring report
  • Run efficiency
  • Pallets – Production
  • Alerts

The Plant Overview screen shows summary values for the entire plant, including:

  • production efficiency
  • potential production
  • actual current production
  • spoilage percentage
  • projected production

The Overview screen displays a summary of each production area by showing potential, projected, production, and spoilage values.

For high-speed can manufacturers, the significant advantage of the app is that the data continuously changes without having to be refreshed.

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