Crown’s Orbit Closure used for vegetable range

Crown Food Europe has collaborated with d’aucy, a brand of French food manufacturer Eureden Long Life, to launch Bien Cultivés, a bio-diverse range of vegetables in glass jars.

Featuring Crown’s patented Orbit closure – designed to offer unprecedented ease of opening of glass jars for consumers of all ages – the new range includes eight vegetable products. The line serves as a testament to d’aucy’s commitment to “agro-écologie” (sustainable farming that works in sync with nature), with the produce originating from farms known and respected for their adherence to best practices in this area. Many of these farms have been certified as “haute valeur environnementale” (High Environmental Value).

Armelle Guizot, Brand Marketing Director at Eureden Long Life, commented: “The new range is dedicated to our 11 million French consumers who prioritise healthy, sustainable lifestyles. We have seen them become increasingly conscious about how their food choices impact the entire supply chain, including the farming industry. With Bien Cultivés, we seek to offer a great culinary experience, and packaging plays an important role in our ability to achieve that goal.

“Ease of openness is a key element in the consumer experience and when looking for innovative packaging options, the Orbit closure was the obvious choice. We are proud to be the first brand in France to introduce this to the shelf stable products market.”

Glass jars are a mainstay for d’aucy, and the addition of the Orbit closure significantly enhances the container functionality and shelf appeal. Made from metal, a 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable material, the closure reflects d’aucy’s commitment to sustainability. Facilitating the use of glass jars for little ones and elder consumers, is a further pledge to inclusion and social responsibility.

The closure is composed of a central, floating panel that is vacuum sealed to the jar and an outer ring that provides further product protection and acts as the opening and re-closing device. A simple twist loosens the ring and breaks the seal from the lining compound without resistance. As a result, the torque or pressure required to open a jar is significantly reduced, making it a far simpler process for consumers of all ages.

Laetitia Durafour, marketing director at Crown Food Europe, said: “We are proud to have partnered with d’aucy on the launch of its Bien Cultivés range. We share a commitment to sustainable practices and are delighted to have delivered a solution that is effortlessly environmentally friendly and adds considerable value for consumers. With 20% growth year on year, the Orbit closure has been adopted by major European brands and is now available to consumers across the continent.”

The first three products of the Bien Cultivés range, Red Lentils, Red Beans and Chickpeas, will be launched in France in April in 42.5cl glass jars. The additional products will follow in November.

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