Rituals make aluminium can pledge


Cosmetics company Rituals plan to move to fully-recyclable aluminium cans as part of its pledge to be more sustainable.

It will make all of its products 100% recyclable/refillable or made with recycled materials by 2025.

Rituals has also pledged to transition its entire product range to 90% natural-origin ingredients by 2023.

The company’s innovation and sustainability director, Niki Schilling, said in an interview with The Moodie Davitt report: “I firmly believe that brands that are focusing on sustainability tend to do better financially in the long-term.

“By giving customers more transparency, these brands get much more brand loyalty and profitability.”

She added: Packaging is a challenge, but our goal is to be zero waste. To do that, every product needs to be either refillable recyclable or made with recyclable materials. 

“We are completely reinventing packaging through this lens and we’ve certainly come a long way. For example, most of our PET packaging is recyclable, aside from white PET plastics which are very hard to replace. 

“However, this only represents 6% of the assortment. We’ve also transitioned our tubes to mono-materials which make them easier to recycle. 

“We’ve also reduced our aluminium cans by -10% and at some point, want to only use fully-recyclable aluminium cans.”

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