Bourbon in a can launched by cocktail company

bourbon can

Utah-based Simplicity Cocktails has started selling bourbon and potato vodka-based ready-to-drink cans.

Co-founders Chris Weed and Chad Linville say they are the first distillery in the U.S. to package premium spirits in resealable containers.

Irish company Two Stacks Irish Whiskey launched dram in a can earlier this year.

Simplicity’s vodka — made with Idaho potatoes — is $12 a can; while its North Carolina-distilled bourbon costs $15.99. 

Two of the 12-ounce cans equals slightly more than a standard 750 ml bottle.

“The Simplicity Cocktails team is excited to introduce our new first-of-a-kind vodka and bourbon lines to our collection,” said Chris Weed, Co-Founder of Simplicity Cocktails, in a statement.  

“As the weather heats up, so will all the outdoor adventures. These elite spirits married with our innovative resealable cans will add a refreshing reward to all the Utah action this summer.”

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