Ten years since launch of PROVALIN


Actega, the packaging experts, is celebrating 10 years since the launch of PROVALIN – the PVC free solution for metal vacuum closures.

For decades now, Actega has been relying on sealant compounds which are free of PVC and plasticisers for beverage and food packaging: since the early 1980s for crown caps and aluminium seals, since 2006 for metal composite seals, 2011 for Twist-Off seals, and 2016 for P/T seals. 

In the form of PROVALINand ACTGreen PROVALIN, the very first alternatives without PVC and phthalates for the last ones were launched onto the market.

Its safe technology fulfils all current stringent migration limits with regard to the direct contact to fatty and/or oily foodstuffs.

The development has attracted a certain degree of attention in the market which has also led to PROVALIN receiving several awards. 

In 2011, PVC-free sealing systems in Actega’s Altana division won the annual Altana Innovation Award. 

Also in 2011, in the “Design and Processing” category, the “PVC-free cam screw cap Pano Blue Seal powered by PROVALIN” received the German Packaging Award.

Following a development phase extending over many years on the complex Press-On Twist Off seal project, the SOPURE 51 seal by Pelliconi with the PVC-free PROVALIN sealing compound has been in commercial use since early 2018.

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