TUBEX and PreZero Pyral partner for aluminium recycling


TUBEX and PreZero Pyral have partnered to recycle post-consumer aluminium packaging in a closed-loop system.

TUBEX and its slug supplier developed a patented alloy wire the consumer has the choice of up to 60% inclusion of recycling material in the slug.

An aluminium slug is the primary material used to manufacture aluminium monobloc aerosol cans.

The collaboration with PreZero Pyral ensures that the specifically developed aluminium post consumer recycled (pcr) material is not diverted or taken from already existing and well working closed loops, such as beverage cans, as a source of post-consumer recycling.

Founded in 2005, PreZero Pyral specialises in recycling of aluminium packaging. 

PreZero Pyral operates two eco-friendly and resource-saving pyrolysis facilities, where aluminium from the yellow bin in Germany is recycled and recovered. 

With its thermal plants, PreZero Pyral is able to extract aluminium from otherwise difficult-to-recover compounded packaging and then with its own developed S.A.A.L.T.-sorting system (LIBS-Based), sort the organic-free aluminium into specific alloys and brings it back into a dedicated material-loop. 

The company currently recovers approx. 25,000 to. of aluminium per year, which will grow with the addition of more plants.

TUBEX produces aluminium aerosol cans for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and technical industry.

Recycling aluminium uses 95% less energy than producing aluminium from bauxite ore, TUBEX said. 

Advantages of aluminium versus other packaging materials are that it can be endlessly recycled and the metal still has the same properties as virgin aluminium, the company said.

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