RTD cocktails available in resealable aluminium bottles

rtd cocktails

Australian-based Ampersand Projects has launched its range of drinks in resealable aluminium bottles.

The ‘game-changing innovation’ is the first of its kind in the country in the ready-to-drink sector, the company claims.

As the bottle is made of aluminium, the beverage stay colder for longer and is also fully recyclable. Like with other Ampersand products, the bottles come in a minimalistic design. 

“We see this as a game-changing innovation – nobody in Australia is doing this type of RTD product in this bottle format,” explained co-founder Alex Bottomley.

“We’ve always been a more attractive option on the shelf or menu than our competitors due to our bold, minimal design (that’s backed up with large brand awareness due to our strong social media marketing and influencer campaigns), but we wanted to go even further to stand out, so we spent the last twelve months in development for this new bottle innovation.”

Nodka Soda &, BL&CK, Gin Soda & and Pink Gin Soda & are all available in the new aluminium bottles around the country.

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