Distillery create new refillable aluminium gin bottle

Isle of Harris Distillery has produced a new refillable and recyclable 500ml aluminium gin bottle.

The refill bottle is available to customers in the UK through a one-year subscription with a single payment of £346.50.

Each month, subscribers will received a 500m aluminium refill bottle of Isle of Harris Gin, 1 of 12 Isle of Harris landscape photographic postcards by Peter Kwasniewski to collect and keep and an exclusive shop offer code to use with 1 of 12 specially chosen independent island partners.

A post on their website read: “The Refill Project was created to address growing demand from our customers to allow them to keep their treasured glass Isle of Harris Gin bottle instead of throwing it out.

“Although the glass bottle is fully recyclable, the beauty of the design seems to make it difficult for people to part with.

“So, we are exploring the potential of new refill solutions and begin by experimenting with aluminium as a high-quality material with exceptional recyclability, lightness, and excellent carbon footprint figures.

“At a smaller 500ml size, the new refill bottle is designed to top up your glass Isle of Harris Gin bottle before it is empty, so you never run out of your favourite island spirit again!

“The new refill bottle is only available through a limited annual subscription service initially, as we test the waters and evolve more ideas.”

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