Heineken create beer can robo-cooler


Heineken has created a autonomous beer cooler that will follow you to make life more convenient for drinkers.

The Heineken B.O.T. (Beer Outdoor Transporter) can haul 12 chilled beer cans on its big wheels that virtually follow anywhere you go – giving the machine a charming personality. 

The tiny robot features four wheels, two big wheels, sensors, a brain running AI, and the capacity to hold a dozen cans in addition to ice. 

The video indicates the design can probably handle rolling on the grass at a park. It also shows a small screen and a speaker that allows the robot to greet its person.

The B.O.T will not be available to purchase for consumers, though, and was only on offer through a competition.

There were 20 in total on offer and also came with a Samsung Galaxy A10e.

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