Tubex wins German Packaging Award

Tubex- German Packaging Award

Tubex has won the German Packaging Award for the Cien ‘Pure & Fresh’ deodorant can.

The Cien Aluminum aerosol can is the first can in the world to be printed with natural ink. The print was the last missing part needed to manufacture the most sustainable monobloc Aluminium aerosol can in the world.

The printing ink from #Pure is free of mineral oil, palm oil, soy bean oil and coconut oil and helps to save the rain forrest. Binding agents of the ink are based completely on renewable resources without further chemical modifications. PURe and #Tubex worked closely together to develop the sustainable printing ink for Aluminium.
The Cien ‘Pure & fresh’ deodorant, a brand from #Lidl, is 6 per cent lighter than the previous design due to the used #alloy with up to 25 per cent #real_PCR inclusion – up to 60 per cent PCR inclusion is possible.

The PCR used here is solely from the yellow bag/bin and is recycled consumer waste. To ensure a steady supply of certified PCR material Tubex and #PreZero_Pyral entered an exclusive partnership similar to the PURe partnership.
The waterbased over-varnish – emits 60 per cent less solvents than a standard top coat and complements the sustainability of the can.

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