Actiph launches canned vitamin sparkling water brand


Actiph, the UK’s first alkaline ionised water brand, has launched a new vitamin sparkling water brand called Acti-Vit.

The new beverages will be available in aluminium cans and will contain 100% of the RDA of vitamins B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D and zinc and 15% of the RDA of magnesium.

Actiph said: “The new flavoured sparkling water drinks had one of the highest vitamin concentrations on the market.

The canned beverages are available in three flavours: Tropical Boost, Blackcurrant, Apple & Raspberry and Lemon, Lime & Orange.

“Its multipack format launched at Ocado last month and the brand was in advanced discussions with several other major retailers”, the company said.

“The drinks would appeal to health-conscious consumers who were moving away from sweetened drinks and juices.”

Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, Founder and Director of Actiph said: “A delicious and convenient way to boost vitamin intake and support consumers’ health goals.”

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