Koios enters partnership with Blackbeard

Koios Teams up with Blackbeard Beverage

Koios has entered into a partnership with Blackbeard Beverage Company, who is a distributor for Carolina Canners, an independent bottler for Pepsi beverages on the east coast of the United States.

Carolina Canners and Blackbeard will each respectively provide full-service manufacturing and distribution of all four Fit Soda flavours east of the Mississippi River. Blackbeard has already confirmed an order of 216 pallets of Fit Soda(each containing 104 cases and 2,496 cans) valued at USD $575,000, the largest single wholesale order of canned beverages in the Company’s history.

Blackbeard has already started to procure raw materials for the production, canning, and packaging of Fit Soda at Carolina Canners, to fill an order for 54 pallets of each flavour, which Carolina Canners is to manufacture. Subsequently, Blackbeard is to distribute this order to its accounts in the grocery category to include more than 1,000 supermarket locations of Food Lion located in the mid-Atlantic and southeastern regions of the United States.

Following the Company’s February 18, 2021 press release in which it announced its own in-house canning facility located in the Denver, Colorado area, Koios has started to explore opportunities to further expand its manufacturing pipeline as its beverage products such as Fit Soda, continue to build sustained popularity among consumers in the United States. More than 700,000 units of Fit Soda, were sold in 2020 after being launched in July of the prior year.

In the 1960s, Carolina Canners was formed through the amalgamation of several bottlers, including two bottlers for Pepsi, who created a joint venture in 1968 to capitalise on growing demand for packaged beverages including canned sodas.

After choosing Cheraw, South Carolina as its principal location in which to operate, Carolina Canners began manufacturing beverages for clients to include Pepsi. In 1972 Carolina Canners added a bottle line for non-returnable bottles, and in 2013 made a USD $26 million investment into injection moulding and blow moulding machinery to produce its own plastic bottles.

Carolina Canners has also established several distribution relationships with wholesalers and grocers in several states to provide greater value to the beverage brands it services.

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