Mad Foods launches dairy-free RTD canned coffee

Mad Foods

Singapore-based Mad Foods has launched new dairy-free ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cold brew coffee.

The company says it is a healthier alternative version to cow’s milk and also suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.

The cold brew contains fewer calories, fat and GMOs free and has no added sugar. 

Created with sustainability in mind, the milk helps to reduce carbon and its BPA-free recyclable aluminium can is fully recyclable.

“The journey of MAD has been, and is, an exciting and fulfilling one,” said Angelique Nicolette Teo, the founder of Mad. 

“I get to do what I love while giving everyone the choice to consume better. Along with strategic partners, I’m building a company that all Singaporeans can be proud of while doing my bit for sustainability and future generations. 

“Mad is making beverages that consumers not only want, but need – products that taste fantastic and are kind on the body and planet,”

The beverages can be found in three 200ml variants including Double Shot, Single Shot, and Decaf across Singapore. 

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