RancH2O Spirits launches gin can cocktails


RancH2O Spirits is introducing its Gin Fizz ready-to-drink canned cocktail.

The new RancH2O Gin Fizz with lime rounds out a family of four great tasting premium canned cocktails including authentic Ranch Water, Classic Marg, and Vodka Soda with cranberry. Big in flavor and low in sugar and carbs, each can is only 150 calories and 7.0% ABV.

“We developed our exclusive gin and the cocktail recipe to be light, crisp, easy drinking, and delicious,” says Amelia Lettieri, RancH2O founder and CEO. “To create the recipe for Gin Fizz, we started with my favorite home gin cocktail recipe, and then formulated it to be packaged in a convenient can. Our Gin Fizz cocktail uses real premium gin that we made by dialing back the juniper berry to avoid that bitter, piney flavor. Then we added natural lime and spritz of sparkling water to make it extremely crushable.”

Consumer demand makes this the right time for RancH2O to add the Gin Fizz canned cocktail to its portfolio. Gin has been one of the fastest growing categories in the spirits industry for the past few years. In addition, ready to drinks can cocktails are in high demand with a 57 percent sales increase in the past year according to Nielsen. People enjoy the quality of an excellent craft cocktail without the need for ingredients and prep time. Canned cocktails are incredibly convenient, shareable, and portable enough to enjoy anywhere, any time.

The name RancH2O is a play on the words Ranch and H2O and is named after the brand’s flagship product, Ranch Water. Known as the “Unofficial Cocktail of West Texas,” ranch water is a mix of tequila, lime, and soda water that has a long history and many fables as to its origin.

Over decades, the cocktail’s popularity transcended into bars and restaurants and is now a hot commodity in the ready-to-drink beverage category. RancH2O’s logo embraces its namesake’s history, drawing inspiration from the custom ironwork of a ranch gate or a cattle brand, embodying the Americana spirit.

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