Beverage container manufacturers call for improved deposit systems


Metal, glass and plastic PET container industry groups have released a joint statement supporting the need for improved deposit systems.

The Can Manufacturers Institute, Glass Packaging Institute and National Association for PET Container Resources say deposit systems lead to higher recycling rates, as well as to better quality material.

According to a joint news release, data show a stark contrast between recycling rates in deposit states versus non-deposit states in the country. 

According to the Container Recycling Institute, in 2018, in the 10 states with deposit systems, recycling rates for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, glass bottles and aluminium beverage cans were 62%, 64% and 77%, respectively. 

That’s compared with countrywide recovery rates of 28 percent, 40 percent and 46 percent, respectively. 

As well as increasing recycling rates, the increase in deposits can also decrease litter, the organisations say.

The associations say that an effective, efficient deposit system has these characteristics:

  • easy and convenient redemption;
  • unredeemed deposits that are used to enhance the recycling system;
  • one private sector-led entity to manage the system;
  • appropriate deposit values and structure;
  • includes all beverage types and containers; and,
  • clear deposit markings. 

“As beverage container industries supporting a circular economy, we want our containers back,” the joint statement says. 

“Deposit systems increase collection and recycling of beverage containers, providing a resilient domestic supply chain of high-quality material. Increased recycling of our containers will help the environment and the economy.”

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