Kalil Bottling experience beverage can disruption

Kalil Bottling Company

Kalil Bottling Company is experiencing disruption with their supply of aluminium beverage cans.

The company has had difficulty in getting aluminium for soft drink cans in the past few months at its distribution centre in El Paso, Texas.

John Kalil, the president of the company, said: “There’s a possibility that people will go shopping and not find what they want when they want it.”

Mr Kalil also added that along with the need for the aluminium cans, the price for the aluminium cans includes the shipping and the cost of the import have also surged considerably. 

He further stated that the ‘Work from Home’ structure or the fact that people are spending more time at home, has led to the increased need for aluminium cans. 

“It’s tremendously expensive to build a new can production facility and the overall volume in the United States was not trending up it was trending rather level or slightly down. So there wasn’t a lot of investment in new can manufacturing facilities, empty can,” added Kalil. 

“There’s a lot of out of stocks that our customers were not used to seeing before. We always would pride ourselves on making sure we had everything in stock everywhere all the time that was always the goal.”

“One of the best ways to help deal with the aluminium shortage can be the recycling of cans. The customers can help them by recycling cans, but that also won’t help deal with the crisis properly.” 

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