New facility opens for Lindal in Brazil

Lindal Brazil

Lindal Group has announced the opening of its new 12,000sqm facility in São Paulo, Brazil.

The international aerosol dispensing company originally broke ground at the 30,000 sqm site in 2020 and have taken 370 days to complete the facility on time in full.

With a total investment of €14 million, which includes new equipment to increase capacity, this represents Lindal’s largest investment to date. The new sustainably built facility with advanced manufacturing equipment will in the first instance house 130 employees with the capacity to accommodate up to 250 in the near future.

Managing the construction, Lindal Brazil’s Operations Director, Marcio Vacilotto said: “Constructing a building of this magnitude through the pandemic required meticulous planning and positive teamwork from everyone involved, we are thrilled to be fully operational and servicing our customers within the time frame we committed too.”

Strategically located 10 km away from one of the most connected, high-capacity highways in Brazil, and in proximity to one of the country’s major shipping ports, the plant has been purposefully designed to be adaptable and facilitate leaner manufacturing processes.

This concept includes the construction of a semi-permanent wall made from thermo panels, which can be moved to extend the plant in the future. In addition, the entire floor within the plant has been constructed using 10T floor resistant concrete capable of accommodating a range of heavy machinery, making way for further flexibility and capacity expansion.

Marcio Vacillotto said: “The idea behind the layout is to reduce internal material movements, length of transportation, and to increase the efficiency of processes such as palletising, box erection and wrapping. The design allows for different technologies, such as conveyors or tuggers to be more freely incorporated as our customers’ requirements evolve.”

The new building has also been accredited with an EDGE certificate from Green Business Certification Inc. and is the first industrial building in the whole of Brazil to receive this accreditation. Zero waste generated at the plant is sent to landfill and a series of energy and water saving measures have been incorporated. For example, a rain-water harvesting system, and skylights providing daylight to 50% of the top floor, Lindal is also making plans for a solar panelled roof.

Due to the pandemic and current restrictions in place, unfortunately there has not yet been a formal opening ceremony for the new factory. Instead, several key customers have had the chance to view the plant virtually and they have been positively impressed with the scale, equipment and capabilities of the new facility. Lindal are still aiming to host an opening event to recognise the full launch of the plant once the situation improves.

Lindal CEO Francois-Xavier Gilbert, said: “This facility has set a new precedent in terms of meeting customer demands, improving our sustainability credentials and operating in a prosperous and dynamic Brazilian aerosol market.”

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