Logan Aluminum make ‘50% of aluminium for cans’ in US

Logan Aluminum

Logan Aluminum produce around 50% of all the aluminium that goes towards beverage cans in the US, the company claim.

The aluminium producer is based in Kentucky and employs around 1400 people at its rolling mill.

Paul Banks, plant manager of Logan Aluminum, said: “We produce just a little over two billion pounds annually, so if you’re getting a six pack of Coke, Pepsi, or adult beverages, there’s a really good chance that half of that came right through Russellville Kentucky.”

He continued: “The thing about aluminium is that it’s one of the greenest packages ever made. We’re all about recycling, so the majority of our product is from recycled content. 

“If you recycle one can, that saves about 95% of the energy that it would take to make that can from primary aluminium.”

He also stated that the cans recycled by the customers at home are also put to good use. 

Old and used cans that are sent to Logan Aluminum are transformed into new sheets of aluminium with processing.

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