Vobev reveal more details about can manufacturing facility

Vobev can making

Utah-based company, Vobev announced additional details about its can manufacturing facility including an improved supply chain that is five times faster than a traditional can manufacturer or filler, and shortens lead times by 10 weeks. 

Vobev also disclosed manufacturing facility details like variety pack options, research and development capabilities, graphics and more. 

Additionally, the company shared it has received a positive welcome from the beverage industry with several small, mid, and large-sized, water, charged water, carbonated soft drink, and energy drink customers ready to join the Vobev portfolio.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is anticipated to be the development epicenter for the can-making and filling industry and an incubation station for innovation in North America. 

The Vobev facility includes 1.2 million square feet designed to be a one-stop shop for beverage brands with simplified production choices that includes everything from recipe creation and packaging design, to making, filling, packaging, storing, and shipping beverages. 

The facility will open in Q4 2021 and will offer the following services:

  • Innovation with speed: Improved supply chain, which is 5x faster than the traditional can manufacturer or filler, enabling customers to experiment and innovate at a quicker pace. 
  • Go to market faster: Decreased production lead time of 10 weeks and decreased carbon footprint. Additionally, Vobev will produce, fill and have the capability to sleeve different can sizes including 250 ml (8.4 oz) and 355 ml (12 oz) cans.
  • Variety packaging and product options: Automated variety packing for an array of products including waters, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, wine, spirits, seltzers and more. Customers will have the option to combine products into different package sizes from 4 packs up to 24 count trays with single or multiple drink varieties.
  • Research and development: Your ideas or finished formula will be brought to life with Vobev’s on-site research and development capabilities (including a nutrition panel).
  • Graphics: Ideas or finished package graphics are masterfully created by Vobev’s full-service graphics department. 

“Opening an integrated, independent canned beverage manufacturing and development facility that is the quickest-to-market is an incredible team accomplishment,” said Eric Cudnohoske, General Manager of Vobev. 

“We have taken bold steps to combine the idea-to-shelf process in a facility that is environmentally friendly and technologically savvy. This facility will have the people and space needed to essentially change the industry.”

The Vobev facility is more eco-friendly than the traditional canning process. The company will decrease the overall carbon footprint typically produced during the development, manufacturing, and logistics processes by combining everything in one location. 

This process also uses aluminium cans, which are the most recycled product in the U.S. and friendlier to the planet than other beverage containers like plastic and glass bottles. In addition, the manufacturing facility plans to leverage additional sustainable processes like water reclamation, solar power and warehouse automation.

The company will employ individuals with technical experience and deep roots in safety, quality, manufacturing, beverage production, and customer service. The new facility will offer over 400 highly skilled professional jobs over the next 18 months with premium pay to the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area, which can be viewed here.

Companies interested in using Vobev’s innovative supply chain services and manufacturing facility can contact the company by visiting www.vobev.com or by emailing sales@vobev.com.

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