Budweiser brewery set to be first hydrogen-powered in UK


Budweiser has announced plans for the UK’s first hydrogen-powered brewery in South Wales by 2024.

The brewery has teamed up with Protium, a UK-based green hydrogen energy services company, to install hydrogen-powered solutions at its Magor Brewery.

Budweiser claims this will save 15,500 tonnes of carbon emissions annually from 2027.

Mauricio Coindreau, Head of Sustainability and Procurement at Budweiser Brewing Group said: “Sustainability and the wellbeing of our planet are at the core of our business.

“Innovative energy solutions like hydrogen have huge potential as a key part of our sustainability strategy, helping us significantly reduce our UK carbon footprint.”

Chris Jackson, CEO of Protium, explained: “Green hydrogen is a truly exciting opportunity for the global energy sector and the UK economy as a whole, with various energy leaders and environmentalists supporting its deployment, so we’re delighted to be working with a brand that shares our forward-thinking vision.

“The entire Protium team is thrilled to showcase the potential of green hydrogen and the benefits it can deliver to Budweiser, the local community in Magor, and the environment.”

Budweiser will use its existing wind and solar assets to manufacture green hydrogen at Protium’s Hydrogen Production Facility, which is next to the brewery.

Lesley Griffiths MS, Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, and Trefnydd added: “I am very pleased this project is taking place right here in Wales. 

“Tackling climate change is a priority for the Welsh Government and this project at an important employer in the sector will be important to our efforts. 

“It also has the potential to create new jobs and exciting opportunities in the area for years to come.”

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