Dantex Group become corporate partner of The Metal Packager

Dantex Group

The Metal Packager is delighted to announced that Dantex Group are now corporate media partners.

The Metal Packager is the sustainable voice for global metal packaging professionals who want to grow and evolve in an ever-changing industry. The company has seen rapid growth during 2021, with over 5,500 monthly users in 120 countries globally.

As part of the partnership, Danex’s senior management team will receive annual subscriptions to The Metal Packager’s channels, which includes being kept updated with industry developments via its email newsletter and text alert service.

The Metal Packager will also regularly share updates from Dantex Group and help promote the company’s developments in the metal packaging sector via social media and its portfolio of digital services. 

Commenting on the corporate partnership, The Metal Packager’s Owner and Managing Director, Alex Fordham, said: “The Metal Packager is delighted to agree a corporate partnership with Dantex Group.

“As a well-respected supplier to can makers globally, Dantex are the type of organisation we’re keen to work closely with. We hope the company’s senior management team enjoy being kept up to date with the industry’s latest developments in a contemporary format, and we look forward to sharing content from Dantex with our global audience of can making and metal packaging professionals. 

“With our industry at unprecedented levels of capacity, it’s never been so important for metal packaging professionals to be kept updated on news, views and trends.

“However, we’re also increasingly time-poor as individuals. At The Metal Packager, we’re ensuring content is delivered to you, whether it’s via your inbox, mobile phone or socials, so you don’t need to spend unnecessary time searching for it. We believe this is a gamechanger for the industry.”

Commenting on the partnership, commercial director, Dantex Group, Richard Bunney said: “We are delighted to partner with The Metal Packager and feel that it is an important step in supporting the ever-changing can industry. Having an on-the-go solution for receiving news updates and articles via mobile phone is an invaluable step, keeping people informed as to industry developments. We are keen to support the industry further and we hope to add value by bringing our vast expertise to this partnership.”

To find out more about Dantex, visit: https://dantex.com/

To subscribe to The Metal Packager, visit: https://metalpackager.com/subscribe/

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