Kirin Beverage recall 900,000 cans of coffee

Kirin Beverage

Japanese drinks maker Kirin Beverage has recalled around 900,000 cans of coffee.

This is due to a packaging defect that potentially changes the way the drink tastes.

The product is a limited version of the Fire brand milk coffee sold in Osaka and five other prefectures in western Japan.

An investigation was launched by Kirin Beverage after complaints from consumers that the coffee tasted different to normal.

The company found that some of the cans had a narrow crack in the metal.

Kirin Beverage says if the cans aren’t airtight and it could lead to changes in flavour or cause the drink to congeal.

Products subject to the recall have best-before dates of May, July and August 2022.

Kirin Beverage apologised for the trouble and pledged to improve its quality management.

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