Start-up to launch waterless shampoo in aluminium bottle

A Singapore-based start-up will launch a range of waterless shampoos that come in aluminium packaging.

Powder Shampoo was launched this year by Lynn Tan, a veteran of the hair care industry, and wanted to tackle the issue of plastic waste and water scarcity.

She said: “In recent years, I’ve become more aware of the facts and figures on climate change.

“The more I read, the more I knew, the more it bothered me. I started to question the role I play in the ecosystem as a distributor, if I have been part of the problem for the past 20 years?

“There’s not a lot I can do as a distributor. I don’t have a say in what the manufacturers put inside the products or how they package it.

“I knew the only way for me to contribute was to come up with something on my own.

The decision to be plastic-free led to the development of a waterless shampoo in a powder format that activates with water.

“With water in the formulation, it becomes a big challenge to be plastic free. I could have created a soap bar, but it’s not as enjoyable, I think.

“To me, it’s a pleasure to wash my hair and soap bars don’t give me the same enjoyment.”

The company was able to package it in an aluminium bottle that does not have any coatings or plastic layers that prevent it from being recycled.

Powder Shampoo is produced in Singapore and will be launched globally in 2022.

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