Actega closures acquisition now completed

Altana acquires Henkel's closures business

After the acquisition of the closure materials business from Henkel in May 2021, the transfer of production from Henkel in France to Actega DS in Bremen has now been completed.

The main brands acquired from Henkel include CELOX, SINCERA and DARAFORM.

“With the acquisition and transfer of production, we have further expanded our business with closure materials for food and beverages, in particular strengthening our range of PVC-free solutions. This enables us to better supply our global customers with more innovative solutions with improved flexibility,” says Wilfried Lassek, Managing Director of ACTEGA DS GmbH.

The closure materials are now produced according to the original formulation on the ACTEGA compounding machines. For this purpose; and in order to continue to manufacture and supply the products in the highest expected quality, investments were made in additional state-of-the-art production equipment.

“The acquired products complement our product portfolio and this enables us to provide more added value to our customers for them to supply the best unique solutions for the food and beverage industry,” explains Dr. Katharina Bahrs, Head of Market Management Closures.

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