Ball Arena reduces plastic waste by aluminium switch

Ball Arena in Denver has saved more than 100,000 plastic water bottles and cups by switching to aluminium beverage packaging.

Ball Corporation bought the naming rights to the Colorado arena that is the home of the Denver Nuggets NBA team and the Colorado Avalanche NHL team.

This was made as part of the agreement made with Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.

Ball pledged to use recyclable aluminium packaging products for all KSE-owned sports teams and venues in a bit to cut plastic waste.

The company wants to do this by next year, but the difference is already being seen at the 18,000-seat arena.

Ball Arena said on Twitter: “By switching to aluminum beverage packaging, in the past 30 days Ball Arena has eliminated over 100,000 plastic water bottles and cups at our events. 

“Today is #AmericaRecyclesDay, so don’t forget to recycle your aluminum cans, cups, and bottles. They’re infinitely recyclable!”

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