Cider brand launches four-pack pint cans


Cider brand Crumpton Oaks is introducing a four-pack pint can to help broaden its customer base.

The pack of four 568ml cans will be price-marked at £4 and the brand is aiming to appeal to shoppers looking for value.

Crumpton Oaks also highlighted that a third of customers only ever buy cider in cans so see it important to offer the product in different formats.

Calli O’Brien, Marketing Controller at Aston Manor, said: “Crumpton Oaks has been offering consumers excellent value for money from day one with bigger pack formats and affordable pricing across our range, and we’re delighted we can now provide a four-pack pint can format, especially in the current economic climate.

“Last year, Crumpton Oaks underwent a rebranding which champions the fruit that is at the heart of Crumpton Oaks, the ‘mighty’ taste of the products, and clearly communicates the love and passion that goes into every glass. 

“The revised design reflects the heritage of the brand in a modern way using bright colours, energetic typeface and clean illustration. It is great to bring this new identity to life again in a pint can.  

“We might not be able to get out to the pub as often as we like, but we still deserve the experience of a good pint.”

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