Nespresso celebrate aluminium capsule anniversary


Nespresso are celebrating the 30 year anniversary of when the recycling process for its aluminium coffee capsules was developed in Switzerland.

Around 14billion capsules are sold by the coffee brand each year and are made from aluminium, which is fully recyclable.

Nespresso Switzerland managing director, Jean-Luc Valleix, wrote on LinkedIn: “2021 marks a special anniversary: 30 years ago, Nespresso invented and introduced the recycling process for aluminium coffee capsules in Switzerland. And once again demonstrated its pioneering spirit: sustainability in view, Nespresso began early on to look for ways to recycle the components of its capsules. 

“However, three decades ago, the technical prerequisites for this first had to be established.

“That’s why Nespresso, together with recycling expert Groupe Barec, developed a globally unique process that allowed to separate the lightweight aluminium parts of the capsules from the coffee grounds and give these materials a second life. 

“That’s how Nespresso laid the foundation for the solid recycling system that is now available to all lovers of portioned coffee in aluminium capsules in Switzerland, thanks to the Swiss Aluminium Capsule Recycling organisation we have co created last year.

“I take this anniversary to say thank you. Thank you to all our great Swiss partners for their strong support in building this recycling scheme over the past three decades. 

A special thank you goes to all our Swiss customers. Because the best recycling scheme is useless if it’s not used. It’s thanks to them that today, 64% of used Nespresso capsules are being recycled in Switzerland. 

“Thank you for your continuous recycling efforts. Because only together we can bring about significant positive change.”

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