Roeslein diversifies into new markets

NEW Roeslein

Roeslein & Associates has acquired Servtech, Inc., a vertically integrated, custom manufacturer of equipment for the oil and gas markets and mission-critical data center systems.

This will mean Roeslein to play a more significant role in these markets and contribute to expanded capacity for the company’s current process skid systems.

“Welcoming Servtech into the Roeslein family of companies helps us meet our strategic goal to diversify our business into new markets, and to expand capacity for our current product lines.” said Roeslein President and COO, Brian Sneed. “The team at Servtech brings twenty years of experience in engineering and fabrication of pump skids, metering skids, LACT systems, and customised electrical systems. The increased bandwidth will allow us to reduce lead times for our current project backlog.”

The acquisition of Servtech adds an additional 95,000 square feet of fabrication space, and a combined 51 professional services and skilled craft employees to Roeslein’s existing global resource consortium.  As an established name in the industry, Servtech will be rebranded as Servtech: A Roeslein Company. Roeslein’s current operations in the Northglenn, Colorado area will be relocated to the facility in Louisville, located eight miles away.

“Servtech’s customer-first culture is a close fit for integration as a Roeslein company,” said Steve Martin, Executive Vice President at Roeslein. “The team led by Bob Pritchard has an Ethos comparable to Roeslein, and their project methodology will undoubtedly make for a seamless integration. We look forward to combining our shared experience to continue providing the best-in-class value to our collective client base.”

Following the transition, Servtech management and employees will remain in their current roles, while maintaining existing reporting structures. The company’s current client base will benefit from the additional resources made available through Roeslein’s global network of engineering, manufacturing, and construction professionals.  

In addition, Servtech’s acquisition by Roeslein provides the current Servtech customers with the same products, service, and support that they have enjoyed for the last 20 years, along with the strength of a larger organisation.

Servtech’s President, Bob Pritchard, will remain on in a leadership role following the acquisition. “Through a previous professional relationship, I gained knowledge of Roeslein. With their similar culture, approach to projects, and structure, it became apparent there were many parallels to be drawn and leveraged between our two companies,” said Pritchard. “Servtech’s employees are looking forward to the opportunity to be a part of a global organisation, and the benefits of employee-ownership through Roeslein’s ESOP.”

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