CMI plan new can recycling targets for US


The aluminium beverage can industry in the US will announce new, ambitious aluminium beverage can recycling rate targets that will deliver significant environmental and economic impacts.

These targets are being set through Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), the national trade association of U.S. metal can manufacturers and their suppliers, which prides itself on representing aluminium beverage cans, the most recycled drinks packaging in the United States and the world.

CMI members are committed to get back more aluminium beverage cans, which are recycled at scale today in the United States at more than 80,000 aluminium beverage cans a minute, the vast majority into a new aluminium beverage can in as little as 60 days.

The industry views increased aluminium beverage can recycling as key to its continued growth and as a pathway to advancing the domestic circular economy.

The US aluminium beverage can’s industry-leading averages of a 46 percent recycling rate and 73 percent recycled content could be improved with increased recycling, particularly since metal recycles forever. The can industry is committed to raising its recycling rate to new heights and has a strategic plan to reach its targets.

Footnote: Earlier this year, Metal Packaging Europe committed to ambitious new targets for 100% beverage can recycling in Europe by 2030…

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