Aluminium Dunkerque curbs production due to energy prices

Europe’s biggest aluminium smelter has been forced to curb production due to soaring energy prices.

Aluminium Dunkerque Industries France has slowed production in the last two weeks due to high power prices.

The cuts account for about 3% of its aluminium production capacity, a labour union representative told Bloomberg.

The plant has reportedly last €20million Euros since the beginning of November due to the spiralling energy costs.

Founded in 1991, Aluminium Dunkerque is the largest primary aluminium smelter in Europe, specialising in the manufacture of aluminium slabs and ingots, used in the transport, automotive, aerospace, packaging, building and construction industries.

The price of aluminium has surged in 2021 due to a global shortage, but it’s profitability is being eroded by the costs of producing the material.

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