BrewDog unveil new fruity lagers

BrewDog has released four new flavours of its popular Lost Lager.

The beer is described by the Scottish-based brewer as a ‘planet-first lager’, using 30% less water than normal, created from 100% wind power and surplus fresh bread to replace some of the malt, which forms the base of the beer.

The four new flavours will include Guava, Blood Orange, Lychee & Lime, and Banana.

A post on BrewDog’s social media said: “The Planet’s Favourite Lager just got a little fruitier.

“We’ve reimagined Lost Lager, added some twists and released it into the wild.

“Lost in Guava, Blood Orange, and Lychee & Lime are all available right now in select Sainsbury’s stores and via”

The Blood Orange beer is described as a classic German-style pilsner spike with zesty blood orange.

The Banana is an unlikely pairing, but the brewer says this beer ‘shines’. Chewy foam bananas, bright biscuit base and herbal noble hops come together and they say it will ‘divide opinion’.

Guava is described as a refreshing, bright and classic pilsner-style lager with exotic notes of guava throughout.

Lychee & Lime offers a combination of citric sharpness and soft berry-like flavours that intermingle with hints of rose and biscuit.

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