Canette d’Or winners revealed

The full list of Canette d’Or winners have been announced.

The third edition of the awards was a huge success with 150 entrants across 13 different categories.

In total, 18 big winners were chosen: 17 by the Jury and 1 by the general public, who voted for their favourite can.

“The can indeed recorded + 8% sales in volume in supermarkets, when all of the consumer products remain below + 1%!” Said Sylvain Jungfer, general secretary of Boisson Box.

“This dynamism is also illustrated by the number of innovations that have chosen the can: whether they are completely new products such as hard-seltzers for which the can is essential – like energy-drinks – or of existing drinks that are available in cans to reach new audiences and/or conquer new modes and moments of consumption, such as wine. 

“In emerging market segments or in more “classic” universes such as water or beer, the appearance of new operators is bringing a breath of fresh air and “shaking up” somewhat the historical brands which are redoubling their creativity. 

“Finally, the can is essential with many brands because of its environmental qualities. It must be said that the French are more and more attentive to the impacts of their consumption, for their wallet, of course, but also for their health and for the planet. 

“Consequently, they can be reassured by the environmental arguments more and more present on the decorations of the cans, in particular with our logo “Metal infinitely recyclable”, not to mention the innovative solutions of “plastic free” overwrapping.”

The 2021 Canettes d’Or Awards:

  • La Canette d’Or du Design Soft-Drinks, Waters, Fruit juices & Energy Drink: THE PULCO LEMONADE RANGE (33 Cl)
  • La Canette d’Or du Design Bières: GUINNESS BLONDE IPA (44 cl)
  • La Canette d’Or of Hard Seltzer innovation: THE DOORT RANGE (33 cl)
  • La Canette d’Or for innovation Wines and wine-based drinks: THE “C’EST MA TOURNÉE” BOX OF THE WINE DRESS (25 cl)
  • The most eventful Canette d’Or: ORANGINA LIMITED EDITION “THE SHAKING GAME” (33 cl)
  • La Canette d’Or du petit poucet Soft drink, flavored water, Fruit juice, Tea, Energy Drink: NO PLASTIC WATERS (33 cl)
  •  La Canette d’Or du petit poucet Beers: THE LA DÉBAUCHE IPA RANGE (33 cl)
  • The Golden Can fobest communication: HEINEKEN FOR ITS INSTITUTIONAL CAMPAIGN 2020/2021
  • La Canette d’Or Ambassador for recycling cans: COCA-COLA EUROPACIFIC PARTNERS FOR ITS “KEELCLIP” INNOVATION
  • La Canette d’Or du Public: THE LA DÉBAUCHE IPA RANGE (33 cl)

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