Christmas supply issues due to can shortages


The United States are experiencing shortages of some beverages due to supply chain issues, particularly with aluminium cans.

The Washington Post report that shortages on shelves across the country are hitting everything from water, to iced tea, soft drinks, beer, hard seltzer and canned cocktails.

Around 13% of beverages are out of stock at the moment, compared to between 5% and 10% for food products.

Customers may find some products hard to come by over the Christmas period.

“All the talk around the holidays is about what might be under the Christmas tree, but not enough attention is paid to what consumers are already dealing with,” said Geoff Freeman, chief executive of the Consumer Brands Association.

A shortage of cans and bottles is a large part of the problem, with issues facing the global market.

There are also problems shipping, missing ingredients, staff shortages and also extreme weather conditions.

There was also a warning that the problem could get worse over the next couple of months.

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