Artisan Drinks Co launches canned mixers

The Artisan Drinks Co has launched a new collection of canned mixers that will go on sale in the UK in February.

The mixers will include; Classic London Tonic, Skinny London Tonic, Pink Citrus Tonic, Amalfi Lime Tonic, and Fiery Ginger Beer.

The 200ml cans will be launched in Ocado at the beginning of February in six-packs with an RRP of £4.50.

There will also be a 24-pack on offer at independent retailers and Amazon.

“Creating the perfect drink at home can be challenging. With mixers available in everything from 150ml cans to 1 litre bottles, it’s hard to know how much you should be using,” said co-founder of Artisan Drinks Mikey Enright. 

“Most 150ml cans on the market are a hangover from airline demand. By choosing to create the perfect serve measure over our own ease, our 200ml cans simplify the process for shoppers. We’ve fortunately avoided the current supply chain and production issues facing many of our industry colleagues, meaning we can supply retailers almost straight away, allowing them to quickly fulfil their customers’ needs.”

Each can will feature Artisan Drinks’ art-deco inspired artwork which the brand is famous for, which was created by international artist, Alan Walsh.

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