Award-winning seltzer brand launches new variety pack

Mighty Swell, the award-winning spiked seltzer, announced the launch of its new Keep It Weird Variety Pack. 

The collection is the third variety pack from the nation’s #1 selling independent hard seltzer brand and features twelve 12-ounce, 100 calorie cans with 5% ABV and just three grams of carbs.

The Keep It Weird Variety Pack pays tribute to the brand’s Austin heritage – a city known for its quirky personality and “Keep Austin Weird” slogan – and will feature packaging designed by local Austin artist Rex Hamilton. The collection will debut four unexpected flavours including:

  • Tiger’s Blood: Wild, weird, and a bit defiant. Brace yourself for an untamed fusion of all-natural strawberry, watermelon, and coconut. No tigers were harmed in the making of this beverage.
  • Rocket Pop: First astronauts, then billionaires, now our spiked seltzers are going to space. All-natural raspberry, pomegranate, and lime give this one small sip, one giant leap of taste.
  • Pink Colada: You don’t need a yacht to rock the boat. Find your own strange paradise with our natural riff on a juicy classic, where the pineapples dare to be pink and the coconuts set sail at midnight.
  • Purple Magic: Purple, mysterious, and multidimensional. Sip into a portal swirling with dark boysenberries, wild blueberries and juicy grapeness. In this reality, grape is a colour and purple is a vibe.

CEO Jeana Harrington said: ”While we had been making award-winning hard seltzer for years, we had not pushed our limits in terms of unique flavour innovation. Keep it Weird is our response to an increasingly derivative category saturated with tea, lemonade, and now – margaritas. 

“I asked our team to make what they wanted to drink, so long as no one else was making it. We collectively evolved the concept into something the whole team was enthusiastic about. Keep it Weird represents our culture.”

Mighty Swell Director of Brewing & Innovation, Andrea Clodfelter, said: ”There’s no future in redundancy in the seltzer innovation cycle; either you are the trend, or it has already been done. With the appointment of our new CEO, we had leadership that believed in the Keep it Weird vision. We’ve pushed the concept of what a seltzer can be, and I’m excited to continue to explore the space that we have opened up.”

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